Sunday, November 05, 2006

No diving today. ;-(

OMG this sucks! I woke up this morning just before 6am in order to make the long journey to meet the club for a dive day. I shaved and showered and grabbed my two bags of dive gear then made my way via taxi to Amsterdam Centraal Station and then to The Hague. The dive club operates out of a dive shop right next to the train station (as well as also in Rotterdam and Amsterdam).

So I made it there at 8am, expecting to start packing tanks and weights and be on the road by 9am. Alas, shortly before 9am one of the staff (who showed up for a different reason) made some calls and found out that the club had met at and left from the Rotterdam store... an hour earlier.

So I'm home now. It took four hours to make the trip, 23 Euros for the bus/trains/taxi, and I gave up my Saturday night to stay rested and hydrated. Ugh!

I'm terribly dissappointed, but surprisingly not angry. If nothing else this will help with the jetlag tremendously. And I do tend to spend too much money on Saturday nights in Amsterdam during full moons. :-) So I'm sure I saved more than the money I've paid.

Oh well. No big deal as I *WILL* be going out with the club next weekend. For now... a lazy Sunday and an early night to bed.

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Irene Bons said...

Poor you !! I know you were looking forward to diving again... hope everything works out next weekend !!
When's the job interview, sometime this week ? And is this for the same job you had an interview for two weeks ago, or another one ? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you !!!
By the way, it doesn't feel like you're back in Amsterdam yet, you're awfully silent....... hope to hear from you soon ?