Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bunnies Win!

Wow, yesterday I declared the jetlag was winning. Today in my cleaning efforts, I found bunnies I don't want to touch. And so they win. Bad!

I'll get them eventually. But not today.

I woke up (barely) with great intentions. This morning I attacked the stove with 7-8 months of grease buildup on it's cooking surface. It's clean now! But above it hangs the true enemy. In the vent above the stove sits a colony of grease soaked dust bunny commandos. This species of dust bunny can't be vaccuumed. It can't be wiped without smearing. And it can't be removed and soaked without certainly spoiling the nice clean stove underneath it. So that battle must wait.

Oh well, I made a call and scheduled what is essentially a second interview. Yippee! And it's in the afternoon, so my jetlag won't stop me from getting the job! :-)

For now, there's laundry to hang, vacuuming to do, and large parts of kitchen to keep attacking. Wish me luck! I hope I don't find any other terrible foes.

p.s. Yeah, I started cleaning about a week ago. This is the continuation, after a brief break for a party bender. >:-)


Minka said...

I can literally picture you in an apron and a green brush in your hand, water all ove rteh floor and the broom broken. Happy cleaning!

IDiveAtNight said...

LOL! Thanks! Just my oldest clothes with a yellow dust-rag and yellow sponge. But close enough.

Yes, there was water all over the floor. :-)

Minka said...

I am not surprised, not surprised at all! :)

IDiveAtNight said...
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