Monday, October 30, 2006

Jetlag is winning!

Help! I can't sleep at night or stay awake during the day!

So last night, for example, I was a good boy and was home well before 11pm. I hit the bed a little late for my midnight target, but honestly wasn't at all sleepy.

Tossing and turning were the results.

I caught bits of sleep, but mostly just started to get hungry.

At around 4am I had no choice but to eat something.

Silly me had played with the fridge temperature control earlier. So it was a new experience to wait for the frozen milk to thaw into my cereal.

Needless to say, TV was far more enticing than sleep. So it was another 90 minutes or more before I crawled back into bed.

Just in time...

To hear my roommate off to work.

And the sun was rising.

Not up, but definitely rising.

After hours of fighting over whether it's night or day, my body finally agrees it's time for sleep. Just as the world is waking up.

That's okay, I've set two alarms.

Which sounded far sooner than anything else in the night had prepared me to expect. Two buzzers buzzing. I look up at the clock and it says....

I hate jetlag.


Irene Bons said...

:-) Poor you, jetlag AND winter time all at once. You'll get used to it !! Maybe you just need some stability in your days: any news about the job ????? I'm sure you'd have let me know, but just in case................ I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you !! And I keep checking your blog too. Good luck with the jetlag, you'll beat it I'm sure !!

IDiveAtNight said...

Thanks Irene! What do you think of my clocks? Am I trying too hard?

I hope I get this job. But don't wish anything on my too quickly! I need rest!

Irene Bons said...

I think the clocks are very funny, did you make those yourself ? Try to get some rest today.....

Minka said...

I never experienced jetlag. i am flying to the states in March though and I hope I will experience a minor case. Just to know what people are talking about. Fortunately I can sleep standing and a 15 minutes power nap is all I need to get up and going. Sorry...I know this wasnæt helpful at all!
Maybe the time you spend on finding weird clock picture sof ryour blog, could be used for more sleep related activities :)

IDiveAtNight said...

My super power is not being able to sleep quickly. It's being able to go days without sleep.

Although when it has been too long without sleep I do things like make those silly pictures.