Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just blogging for the sake of it

These little monkeys have nothing at all to do with this blog. But a friend of mine is very excited about working with them soon. And hey, they're monkeys! Cool. :-)

It's been a lazy weekend. I hit this town running last week and never stopped for breath, except a bit of cleaning and a couple business appointments. Now my internal clock is highly confused! I can't sleep before 4am and tend to wake on my own late in the afternoon. Hopefully last night's switch back to GMT+1 will help a bit. I essentially woke an hour sooner than intended.

I've been back to reading and news lately too. Enjoying Canadian political humour, reading up on the latest international stupidity.

It's great to be home! The other day I was talking to an American-expat friend of mine. I looked her straight in the eyes and said," Bush is an idiot, the U.S. is screwing up world politics, and I already believe in God but don't have a religion, thank you." After 7-months away from home, in the States and Canada, I had learned to self-censor my topics and conversations. Never talk about religion or politics. And these days you can't touch other topics like foreign events, sex, education, war, oil and more without walking a slippery path to religion or politics.

My friend said," Yeah, so?" I think she's wonderful for that response!

I said," Nothing, I just haven't been able to say that to anyone for many months now." She understood.

Aren't they cute monkeys???


neva said...

you've been hanging out on the wrong blogs, then... and, yes, those monkey's are *very* cute! xox

IDiveAtNight said...

I've been hanging out in the U.S. as a non-resident alien. I'm home now, so I can speak freely! :-)

Minka said...

Very cute monkeys...I live in europe and have said Bush is an idiot on many occasions. Why don´t you move??? Icelandic isnæt really that hard to learn!

IDiveAtNight said...

Minka, is that an invitation to Iceland?!?

Actually, I already live in Europe. The point of this post was that it's great to be away from North America (the U.S. really) where people don't want you speaking your mind.