Friday, December 22, 2006

Personal stuff...

Just a quick personal update to answer questions I'm getting via email a lot:

Job - I haven't heard any new news for a week now. I expect to sign papers shortly to start work in early January. But "shortly" is a relative term when applied to business during the Christmas season in Europe.

Money - My accountant is an ass. He's about 6 weeks late sending papers/numbers to my employer so I can collect my last paycheques. This, followed by the travelling, vacationing and relaxing has finances tight. But it's "cash flow" issues and not real money issues yet. I'll be fine assuming the new job starts January.

Christmas - This is going to be my third Christmas in Amsterdam. My third time spending Christmas away from family. I'd be in financial trouble if I'd bought an expensive flight to Canada in addition to all the rest of the cash flow issues! And I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of friends in town whom I haven't seen for a while. This week the van Bekkums are home for the holidays, Mike is flying in tomorrow, and Alex from Sweden may drop by next week. *fingers crossed*

New Years - The local dive club isn't even considered a new years dive on or near new years day. LOL! Everyone knows they'll be too hungover January 1st. So it looks like Adam, Humaira and I and perhaps others will plan a festive series of events involving beer, wine, champaigne, insane amounts of fireworks, more champaigne, and then some unwise & uncontrolled attempts at dancing.

Diving - The gear is cleaned and dried and now packed away except for my (partially inflated) BCD and reg which hang from a tall bookstand in my room. I'm constantly asking Adam when he's available to do his Scuba Review course with me, but January is the best I can get. The club isn't planning anything that I'm aware of. Not til Jan. 7th. Pansies. So I'm left high and dry without a buddy who wants to go enjoy the cold mud of Holland.

Immigration - My friends, especially my dutch friends, are telling me I'm becoming more dutch every day. And after nearly 6 years living in Holland, I am technically entitled to become dutch (with certain requirements.) Alas, the immigration authority is still stalling on a problem with my 2005 permit and using that to delay my 2006 permit. Hello, we're going into 2007 now! My immigration lawyer (you can pay a guy to worry for you, so you don't have to) is trying to time his actions based on the start date of my new job. But of course, we don't know that yet. So it's all on hold for now. (Not like the immigration authority will be looking at it over Christmas.)

Morale - Personal spirits are still running high! Still thrilled by having been to Bonaire, and writing about it. Still hopeful that all the pesky issues involving lawyers and accountants will all be properly handled soon. And I'm still enjoying my time off! There's no big budget to go wild on, but setting the alarm for 9am and sleeping til 10 (just because I can) is a marvelous thing. Oh, and the roomate is away for the week! Woohoo!

And that's the update. Sorry, if you wanted pictures, there aren't any. If you wanted excitement, too bad. If you need a reference for a certain Utrecht accountant, I'd *love* to help you out!!!


IDiveAtNight said...

Update to the update:
Score 1 for the accountant! He says he's found a deduction worth "thousands in [my] favour". So perhaps the delay was worth it. In the mean time, part of that will be in my account in time to pay the rent. Yippee!!!
Now I can have a proper Friday!

Monika said...

I alwasy encourage dancing, any way shape or long as you are able to move, one should always engage in throwing hands and legs through teh air in no particular symmetry. Most fun like that ;)

great on teh update to teh accountant, I guess now teh fireworks will be really extreme :)