Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas World!

Merry Christmas every body! In a world filled with problems I'm glad to have this special day to concentrate on the important things such as family, friends, and peace.

Stay well, enjoy this day, and let everyone you love know how special they are. My wish is that the good examples we set in our every day lives translates to a happier more loving planet with less war and few problems in 2007.

Failing that, I hope there's at least a lot of scuba diving!


IDiveAtNight said...

To see the Ice Elf dance:
(You'll have to copy and past that to a single line.)

Monika said...

Hey.......that is my face in that elf. I recognize the nose! LOL

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I love the snetiments stated above. I think we need more than a year though ;)

IDiveAtNight said...

Hoi Minka, that is indeed your nose! From the picture last week with the horse. "Let everyone know how special they are." :-)

As I was writing, I knew 1 year was a silly time frame, but it was Christmas, so I was allowed to dream.