Friday, December 29, 2006

My monster, it's alive!

I mostly talk about scuba diving or life in general. But one of my true loves have always been electronics and stereo equipment. Heck, add in my bicycle, bed, and books and the stereo/computer system equals about half of all my worldly possessions.

On Christmas day Adam stopped by for a while to help me watch my new DVDs. (Some of which I was clearly very pleased to receive!) But the audio was NOT up to my personal standards. It was loud with noise and hiss, and one of the auxillary fans in the PC case was intermitantly wailing and screeching like it was about to explode at any moment.

So today I took steps! Fighting wires, cables, bad connectors, moody AGP cards and more I opened my computer, put a dedicated audio card (where I was using on-board sound) and pulled the nearly dead fan out.

As geek-like as it all is, I love playing with the tangle of wires that make up my stereo/computer system! I've just dramatically increased the sound quality of my system with only an hour's work and troubleshooting.

What is it about electronics that sets some people down the geek path? I have no idea. But I can't fight it either. I'm just happy my monster is alive and well again.

If you're gonna play it, play it loud!

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Irene Bons said...

Congratulations :-)
Hope you have lots of fun tonight, and I'll see you real soon in the new year !! O, and let me know how the new job goes, it must be strange to start working again after all these weeks of partying...

Love, Irene