Sunday, December 31, 2006

Oh My! That's Me!

Woohoo! Up until very recently I had a very limited collection of good scuba pics. Especially ones that could be used as evidence for my participation in the sport. I have a few shots of me getting into and out of (rental) gear. Or standing next to water. But not underwater shots.

And then Wanda sent me a CDROM of her vacation pictures from Bonaire. We made multiple dives, during which the shutter-bug tooks tons of great shots of our dives, and us!

So this is what I look like underwater. At least in warm water. In cold I use a completely different suit, with hood, and the same equipment. Too cool! Finally evidence that I've been underwater. :-) A lot.


narcosis in paradise said...

good thing I was able to back up your stories huh Morgan !!! I'm sure a bunch more photos will be up on this blog soon

IDiveAtNight said...

Thanks again for the photos Wanda! You'll get credit where ever they're used.

Too bad we don't have a photo of that thousand pound octopus we saw eating an old fishing boat. The one with the old fisherman still in it.

Michael said...

mmmm - Calamari

IDiveAtNight said...

LOL! Mike, are you not getting enough "squid" in your diet? Are they working you too hard or is that the jetlag we're hearing?