Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Hello 2007!

It doesn't sound right, does it? Two-thousand and seven. Wasn't the world supposed to blow up 7 years ago??? Some how we made it through. And I for one am glad to welcome this strange sounding new year.

2007 started without a hangover. That's a great start! January 1st was a lovely lazy day.

The first working day of 2007 has brought with it an email stating I'll receive papers shortly for my new job. :-) Woohoo! Still plenty to do, and a bit of time left as a vacation, but it's nice to know that's well in hand and in progress.

While 2005 introduced me to scuba diving, and 2006 made me a divemaster, 2007 is already scheduled to make me an instructor. And that will no doubt have a major impact/effect on how and where I find myself in 2008.

Many of us start new years with resolutions. In my case, I like to start with ideas. Renewing my exercise addiction and kicking the nicotine addiction are two great ideas for the very near future. I have no allusions of wealth this year. Indeed, being thrifty is more likely to define 2007 for me. But only because "balance" is an idea I keep with me all year, every year. And thus financially and in many other ways I'll be investing in 2007 towards a new an exciting future.

Friends and family shouldn't be taken for granted! The travelling and changes I foresee in this year mean I'll have to put extra effort into keeping in touch with friends and visiting family. It won't be easy, travelling a lot for work, then travelling for diving, then travelling to visit. At least the suitcases will stay dust free.

I don't expect the world, or my little part of it, to resolve all it's problems this year. Heck, I'd be surprised if my Dutch residency doesn't come into question again. Or if the case is resolved to my benefit! And there's no doubt to be other things popping up that I haven't even anticipated! But if I can put action to my New Years Ideas and get further in my diving career, then 2007 is going to be great!!!

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