Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bob Ross

Do you know the painting show with Bob Ross? Originally a PBS show I think, now it means you're the only one watching TV.

I think Bob is nuts. He's at a minimum, unique. (He's also deceased I believe.) But in his time he seems to have lived a "happy little" life, painting his "happy little trees" along the "happy little path". Remember that when you're painting there are no mistakes, just "happy little accidents".

Just once I'd love to see the real Bob. Could you imagine the outtakes from his painting show and the ways they could be hilarious?!?

Firstly, I would expect a lot of questionable smoking on the set. I picture Bob's bong was probably a hookah of some sort. And that must have caused lots of outtake potential!

Take 1
[Bob stands at his easel painting] Okay so just take a little brown and black and mix 'em up real good. Now ... now just ... shit. [faces stage left and yells] What the hell was I painting here guys?

Take 2
Okay so take your good old friend mister fan-brush, and just put a few birds here, and here, and maybe one over there [Bob steps back and looks at his painting] Damn! That last bird looks like it's flying through the F&#^%# tree. What the hell was that?

Take 3
If you want to make a change, no worries. Let's just mix up a little more green and white and paint a happy little tree over these birds. A few branches here, and few more here. There. [Bob starts to laugh uncontrollably. Eventually he regains control and faces the camera.] I just painted the tree over the damn mountain and not the birds. Wow I'm f*$%ed!


Quilly said...

And what have you been smoking?

IDiveAtNight said...

Quilly, it's a consequence of where I live (Amsterdam). You know the movie The Sixth Sense with Bruce Willis? Well just like the little kid," I see stoned people." "They're every where." "They don't even know they're stoned... they keep trying to walk and talk and interact as if they weren't."

Minka said...

Quilly, my thoughts exactly :)

And BOB really says it all, doesn´t it?!

Quilly said...

Morgan -- I know drunks like that. "I'm dod nrunk!" They slur while swaying on their feet. Heck, I was married to a dod nrunk.

narcosis in paradise said...

I think Bob was a talented artist, I do believe his "happiness" was from smoking, however it did wonders for his creativity.

IDiveAtNight said...

Quilly, Married to a drunk? That is pure Heck! (As I'm sure you would prefer it said.) Sorry to hear that.

I left the girlfriend who was developing a drinking problem. Thankfully that put her into a fitness and health kick afterwards!

If Bob's eternal happiness wasn't from smoke then he had some serious issues with reality.

Doug said...

I can't decide if that post is more funny or more esoteric. When I watched my local PBS it was usually about farms, farming and the price of corn. I know those guys were smoking.

IDiveAtNight said...

You don't have to choose. I'd be happy if it were both.

Although The Joy of Painting really isn't so esoteric. In the U.S. most PBS programming truly deserves the term, but Bob's world famous. Really!