Thursday, February 22, 2007


I've never been to Liechtenstein before, but I'll be there (for a few hours) tomorrow. I'm packing now for my flight to Munich tonight. That will be followed tomorrow morning by a long drive, short meeting, long drive, and another flight from Munich back to Amsterdam. Ah business travel. The fun of it.

Strangely enough, with all this "exciting" travelling, the bulk of my focus is on the short meeting. I get to demonstrate the software product that up until a few weeks ago I hadn't seen. Now that's exciting!

Picture a mine field and a sleezy realestate agent. Knowing where all the mines are buried, the sleezy agent takes a casual-looking stroll through the field telling his customer about what a lovely piece of land they're on and how good a deal it is. Tomorrow I'll be taking a casual-looking stroll through a software demonstration, trying extremely hard to remember where all the mines are and avoid them.

We can't use the term "bug". It's a company wide policy. So we have "mines". I don't care. "Undocumented features"? No, that implies documentation.

How ever it's called, for me it meens work is once again challenging and exciting. Even if I do have to take a bus to a train to a plane to a subway to a car to Liechtenstein just to get to that point.

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