Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sex sells!

While not truly "sex" I have definitely seen, in my blog and those of others, that topics on "love", "romance", etc. do sell better than normal daily posts. More traffic, more comments, more.

Understandable. There is a stereotype related to spending too much time on the 'net versus going out and meeting people. Thankfully my life has allowed ample of both, and when I have to decide between the two blogging looses. I haven't had nearly the time since starting the new job, and the number of blog posts reflects that.

In my - mildly twisted - world, time socializing often takes priority over sleep! Forget about emails and blogs. I've spent a lot of late nights choosing to be with friends in town or on the phone instead of getting a proper night's rest. It's a personal trait, not a flaw! There will be plenty of time to sleep once my body gives out and I'm forced to rest.

So given all that, why is it the only non-fiction blog entries I could write about romance would all be tales of woe?

I think the concept of "not looking" to find someone is over-rated tripe!!! I've been actively not looking for so long now that I think I'm becoming oblivious to opportunity. In some cultures, a man happy and content in his life appears attractive and women approach him. In Holland, a man smiling and looking about as he walks down the street is an enigma. Women don't seem to approach men here at all. (Girls, engaging in a polite conversation is not flirting!) To the best of my knowledge and research, locals meet each other through friends and family. An intro from grandma is golden! A reference as a friend's friend is a minimum. After all, why would you stop and talk to someone you don't know???


I don't know. It doesn't matter. I think the best perscription is a few dozen games of pool and a couple beers. Tomorrow I'll have other things to worry about and better ways to fill my time. But given it's Sunday, wouldn't it be really cool to have someone special to spend a quiet rainy day with? Or is that too much to ask for when life is otherwise going well?


Quilly said...

Morgan - start asking for introductions! Or better yet, start inroducing yourself to grandmothers!

IDiveAtNight said...

Quilly, you speak with wisdom. I've essentially started. I've been promised help that thus far isn't forthcoming.

In the mean time I keep meeting new people and making new friends, in the quiet hope of dating their friends some day. >:-)