Sunday, April 15, 2007

Someday this will be part of a short story

She stood up and declared," I'm going outside for a cigarette." Then added," May I?" as she picked up his pack and took one.

Spinning her head from side to side there was a mumble about a lighter, then she picked up a red one from the table and went to move outside. "That lighter doesn't work," he said.

A short moment later she returned and took a blue lighter from his offering hand.

She stepped outside again. He sighed.

Worries filled her head. What would she do about the situation at work? The man she was obsessed with at work was precisely the wrong person to be messing with. Her boss, a leader in the company and a husband at home, was all she thought about any more. If she tried to get closer to him they could loose their jobs, he could loose his marriage. She knew the possible consequences. And yet there must be some way to avoid the consequences. She's always gotten what she wants. Why should this be different?

She put out her cigarette and stepped back inside.

"I saw him with his wife today at work, so I went up and made sure to be extra nice to his wife. I don't want her to suspect anything. But it was strange. Tense some how."

He rolled his eyes and sighed again. "That's because she already suspects you're after her husband. By paying extra attention to her you're just looking guilty."

"But we haven't done anything yet!"

"And so isn't it obvious that if you did do something, it wouldn't stay secret?"

She reached for the cigarette pack and took another one. Standing, she grabbed the red lighter and stepped outside again.


J. D. said...

Hm-m-m-m. Nicely detailed. Good work.......J.D.

Doug said...

Femmes fatales always smoke. Why is that?

Steal your soul with a stare, slay you with second hand smoke.

Minka said...

Love that she picked up teh red lighter again!

Doug, I don´t smoke!

I Dive At Night said...

LOL! The exception to prove the rule?

Thanks for noticing the red lighter part. I wondered if that came through.