Saturday, April 14, 2007


Today I made pancakes for breakfast! Golden brown, fluffy, butter soaked and covered in syrup.

It's been at least 8 and perhaps 10 years since I last made myself pancakes. I have no idea why it's taken so long. But this morning I awoke and headed straight to the grocery store; returning with butter, syrup, pancake (pannenkoek) mix, and eggs. The eggs I normally buy. The rest was bought for today's breakfast extravaganza.

Next week I think I'll do this again. The butter won't be touched for any other reason until then. And I have the syrup now. I'll try adding some fruit. Cooked in, Dutch style, rather than just on top.

In the mean time, here's a video on pancakes. My favourite independant pancake documentary, to be precise.


IDiveAtNight said...

Hey Cool! This was my one hundredth blog post!

J. D. said...


About those pancakes; I'm ashamed to say I use frozen. No I'm not. They are delicious done in the micro and I've enjoyed them even before you have mixed the batter.

You get "A" for cooking......J.D.

Minka said...


nothing liek pancakes on a Saturday morning, ey?

now be a nice dear boy and help your Mom sort through those three blogs of hers! Welcome to teh mix, J.D and congrats on that 100th post!

Minka said...

by the by...loved teh video very much. I had jam on my pancakes, and on my trip to America I tried maple Syrup...lemon and Nutella are new to me though, on pancakes that is. Next Saturday we´ll try. I keep you posted on that!

quilly said...

I have never had lemon on my pancakes. I think I'll leave it that way.

Great 100th post, and a warm welcome to your momma!

Irene Bons said...

Hi there ! Sorry for not reacting for such a long time, but here I am again !! Pancakes are great, I often make them for dinner, with raisins or cheese, yummie. But my latest culinary hobby is a breadmaking machine !! As we speak I'm baking, and yesterday I made a bread with sundried tomatoes, garlic and cheese in it. Delicious !!!

IDiveAtNight said...

J.D., don't be ridiculous. I had ten years of pent up pancake making inside me. I had the batter whipped smooth before you could have gotten the vacuum wrapping off the frozen ones. :-)

Minka, did you know J.D. has her blog now because of the Blog Tag that originally came from you?

Let me know a time on Saturday and we can simultaneously cook pancakes. :-)

Quilly, the phrase "that's how it's eaten in Britian" is never a good reason to put something in your mouth. I do want to try the Nutela though.

Irene, welcome back. I left my posts up so you could catch up. So do you make ham and cheese pancakes? I like the fruit cooked in, but I'm not sold on meat and cheese in a pancake yet.