Friday, April 13, 2007

Ohio Tourists Plan To Enjoy Europe

A group of Ohio tourists was relieved to hear that their planned trip to Europe will indeed take place. Up to now, residents of Blue Ball Ohio were highly frustrated by problems with their initial travel arrangements. Initially confused by the itinerary for the trip, the local council, two ministers and the local PTA tried to ban the trip.

The group plans to first visit Germany, touring the towns of Kissing, Petting, and Wank. From there some members will take a side trip to Wedding, after which the tour will proceed to the village of Fucking in Austria.

According to the travel agents arranging this coed trip, if things go well they may plan separate men's and women's trips next year. Women will travel to Dildo Newfoundland while many men are anxious to visit the U.K., going past Thong and making their way into Twatt Scotland.


Minka said...

Wow...for a second I thought you must be kidding, but those are real city names! In the defnese of my country however, I owuld like to point out that the obscene ones are in Bavaria, which is like a whole different country in my humble opinion. They are have seen their Lederhosen, right?

IDiveAtNight said...

I liked Munich, what little I saw, last time I was there. Bavarians may be strange people, but they make REALLY good beer!

I didn't see any one in lederhosen the whole time I was there. Should I ask for a refund?

J. D. said...

That's two! Because it is true it puts you just one step away from the bathroom, with a mop and pail in your hand.......J.D.

narcosis in paradise said...

Morgan, You do amuse me. Thank you for the laugh. kisses.....W