Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sunshine Where It Shouldn't Be

Today is a glorious and sunny day! This is a rarity in Holland, and especially wonderful at this time of year. What should normally be a wet and rainy spring is dry, sunny and warm instead.

But there are times when sunshine isn't welcome. While you're sleeping is a good example. And there are some places the sun shouldn't shine. If you're unmentionables are burning, I hope you're sitting on a stove, and not sunbathing within my field of view.

So, given that sunshine can be (at certain times and places) unwelcome, why does my employer insist on trying to shove so much sunshine where it isn't wanted?

I'm watching a video. Part of a world-wide corporate presentation. And (pardon my language but...) the point of this video seems to be to provide UV light to my lowest sphincter.

"Yeah, yippee, go go go!" "Good hard work." "Shareholder accountability." "Grow our value!"

The goal of the video is to share information with all the employees so we can all be "on the same page" and "working as a single team". In reality, it's telling me we aren't working in the same place.

So much beautiful sunshine outside. And yet here at my desk, I feel like I'm sitting on the stove.


IDiveAtNight said...

For my non-native-english readers, the phase," To blow sunshine up one's ass" is a reference to nonsense or bullshit. (Wikipedia)

Without that vital phrase, none of the rest of my allusions make sense.

quilly said...

Morgan, if there are sudden, intermitant light flares in your bedroom tonight, you will know you were farting in your sleep.

IDiveAtNight said...

Yeah, it's useful while picking your way down the hall to the washroom. But it does keep me up some.

Ironically, this makes me more tired for work so they try to push more sunshine at me.