Saturday, April 07, 2007


Somehow it's Saturday again. Another week has flown past, leaving today as the day to get done those dozens of little things there wasn't time for in the week. Toothpaste, shampoo, a new frying pan, or perhaps two. A pair of shoes needs laces, another pair needs a spot of glue.

I've got a stored up amount of undirected energy. Perhaps I can direct to all those tasks. To the grocery store, and to the drug store, and later to the store with the kitchen products. Maybe new cutlery too. I broke another spoon this week. Cheap Ikea plastic isn't designed to last for years.

Each town in Holland has a shopping night. Thursday, for example, here in Amsterdam. On these night you can expect many stores to be open until 8pm or perhaps even 9. But generally I catch the 6:05pm train home from work, and most shops close at 6:00pm. (The rest close at 5.) So my shopping day has rolled around again. Leaving the fridge empty until someone does something about it.

Shopping needs to be prioritised, however, with other things. Exercise, cleaning, friends, and chasing women all demand large shares of my energy. And I don't want to leave any part of that list (especially the last part) unfulfilled. Weekends are so complex!


quilly said...

But without sustenance, you will have no energy for the other stuff.

IDiveAtNight said...

Suffering succotash, did she just say sustenance?

Coffee brings morning energy. It's as if my day comes packaged dehydrated in a pouch, then I just add coffee, and I've got a whole day infront of me. :-)

quilly said...