Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Croatia is beautiful! Not 5 minutes from the airport I decided I like this place. It's green and lush, with old Mediterranean architecture, warm and sunny, and when I really need, everyone knows a bit of English.

And clearly any place with a licensed drinking establishment entirely devoted to J.R.R. and his writings has be to cool!

Not sure why. I just like the look of the streets. This ones a little dark as the sun was near setting.

And believe it or not, I was walking down the street (taking pictures of graffiti) when I spotted Sneaky the dragon! What are the odds???


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quilly said...

That Sneaky dragon is sneaky! Btw, when you next see a comment from Polona on my blog, follow the link -- everyday she posts at least one new photograph of Croatia, and she works magic with her camera.

Theresa said...

It looks like an interesting place, I like the street picture. And who would have ever thought you'd run into Sneaky the dragon in Croatia. Make a toast to Tolkien for me.

Minka said...

You lucky lucky man, the tolkien House...I am a bit jealous. I'll get over it though ;)
As a decent European I have no idea who Sneaky teh Dragon is...but I am gla dyou found him comforting. I love that picture with the many brick buildings, clustered together...very east-european. beautiful!