Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm tired and I wanna go home

I haven't been in good health since Casablanca. Last weekend it was nasty. Now, well I'm getting better but I'm still not feeling well.

I should have slept in this morning. But I had a meeting scheduled for 8:30. I was in the shower at 8:00 when that got cancelled.

So I wasn't impressed when today's afternoon meeting went totally inside out. For starters, I was told my hotel was a ten minute walk from the meeting. Out the door, left, right, straight, left, left. Forty minutes of walking (dressed for business) in a humid 35C and I eventually found out it should have been right, right, straight, left, left.

Then in the meeting I discovered that the potential customer in question had not a single question related to things I know. He had questions on stuff other people handle and after I explained the process of how such things are handled we parted ways. 40 minutes of walking (and a 15 minute drive) to go to a 10 minute meeting. With a 15 minute walk back to the hotel after that.

I came in, ate a very late lunch, then slept for at least two hours.

Now I've just finished dinner and it's time for sleep again. Although it's not really time to sleep, I certainly could... and probably should. I've got The Wedding Crashers on DVD. I've seen it before, so if I choose I can simply click the remote and drift off.

At least I did have time to do last week's expense report (I need the money back!) and catch up on some (not all) of my emails. And I editted one of my pictures from yesterday. Check it out, the old upper city in Zagreb still uses gas lights to light the streets. And just around sunset yesterday I caught a picture of a man armed with a long pole running (jogging) through the streets; the gas lighter. Or is he the gas man? I don't know, his job hasn't existed any where I've ever been before. Still... cool job!

Now if you'll excuse me, they're about to launch the live music here in the hotel bar. I normally love live jazz, but my nose is running and my head hurts, so I'm about to flee.


quilly said...

The Old LAmp Lighter
by Jim Ed Brown

He made the night a little brighter wherever he would go
The old lamplighter of long long ago
His snowy hair was so much whiter beneath the candle glow
The old lamplighter of long long ago
You'd hear the patter of his feet as he came todding down the street
His smile would hide a lonely heart you see
If there were sweethearts in the park he'd pass a lamp and leave it dark
Remembering the days that used to be
For he recalls when dreams were new he loved someone who loved him too
Who walks with him alone in memory
He made the night a little brighter wherever he would go
The old lamplighter of long long ago
Now if you look up at the sky you'll understand the reason why
The little stars at night are all aglow
He turns them on when night is here he turns them off when dawn is near
The little man we loved of long ago
He made the night a little brighter wherever he would go
The old lamplighter of long long ago

Irene said...

That's wonderful Quilly !! And Morgan: good luck on the flight home (that can be hell with a running nose, I know...) and GET SOME REST THIS WEEKEND !! Big hug, Irene

Minka said...

That was great, quilly. And what an interesting picture....Croatia seems beautiful. You are in Croatia still, right? It´s a bit rough keeping track! ;)

Minka said...

Oh, and feel better of course. Where did I leave my manners last?

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, that's a great bit of verse! Thanks!

Irene, I've made one of my two flights. Mild discomfort but I still have both eardrums. :-)

Minka, nope, I'm in Vienna at the moment. Hehe, I never know where I am any more, you can't be expected to keep up. And thanks.