Thursday, June 21, 2007

Vienna has Starbucks!

Greetings from Vienna. It's just an airport. Just a typical flight delay. But unusually, there are two things here I wasn't expecting. Obviously (?) one is free wireless internet! Cool. The other is Starbucks! Very cool!

I don't have anything more to say about the airport. But since constant travel is becoming a recurring theme on this blog... might as well ennumerate the places I be at.

By the way, that's a Venti Cafe Mocha with half-fat and low-whip. It's been years and years since I've lived with Starbucks, but the classics never die.

Update: Thunderstorms, delayed arrivals, and power failures at Vienna airport are making life... slow. Thank goodness for real-time blogging and digital photography! As the board suggests, the flight may take off with one hour delay. But the attendants are actually telling us to return to the gate at 18:30 to get the latest info. Note the '?' after the time.

Updated update:
Uppitist date:
Fun fun fun!!!!


Anonymous said...

.......So, download all the pictures from your camera while you're waiting!!!

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks for the suggestion Mom. You know you can still login as J.D. and don't have to post anonymously. You don't have to make posts to your blog to keep using your account.

Just added two more pics, but they are recent (very recent) ones.

quilly said...

I seem to recall that when you first took this job you talked about how cool it would be working in the office with a bunch of beautiful women. So, what's up with all the airports?

Anonymous said...

I KNOW, Morgan.

Don't let them take-off until it's very, very safe. Your flying skills must be really outdated. What a pain in the butt to have to wait and wait. Talk to the pretty attendants........The Anonymous MOM

I Dive At Night said...

I see to recall that I took this job to travel less too. I recently said something stupid like," At least I'm always home weekends!"

I'm planning on taking some time away from travelling through July and August and explore the exciting world of web conferencing.

Minka said...

That is actually quite nice...I can't wait to be in an airport again...two weeks now and I am off this island for a bit. I have never seen a question mark on these boards...always just a delay sign. It doesn't bode well, now does it?

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, I skipped the last photo, where in at 1945 the board became completely blank. They cancelled the flight!

I hope your time in airports goes better than mine did. Trains, now there's a proper way to travel!