Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Doubling my England time...

Officially I'm working from home this morning. Really I'm packing and preparing to head to the airport after lunch and hop on a plane for the UK. Wow travel! It's been... weeks!

This will double the total amount of time I've spent in England, having previously spent a weekend and a lot of separate airplane connections. I'm looking forward to fish & chips in a good pub, trying all kinds of different beers and ales, and maybe learning something in my training course.

Cool temperatures, light rain, and a bit of sun are all in the forecast. I hope that means "flooding" is not. It's ironic leaving the Netherlands, way down here below sea level, and going some where with terrible flooding problems! I'll make sure they don't give me a ground floor room at the hotel.

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J. D. said...

Morgan.....Two more days in England. You mentioned London before, I think. Lucky duck. I'd like to go on every slow, bus tour offered in England. I'd take lots of pictures and write everything in a journal. (I finished three-quarters of my rewrite on my Alaska journal before the computer crashed. Lucky I had made a hard copy, so one day it might get finished.) And you're just going for two days,! any chance you could take pictures and jot a few paragraphs about it?

Hope you have time for fun and a few pints. Take care.....Mom