Saturday, July 28, 2007

I Had a Curry!

I don't know whether to title this post "I'm Home", "The UK was Okay", or "I Had a Curry!"

My coworkers and I enjoyed two days of training at our company's office in Horsham, England. About half way between London and Brighton. Our nights were spent at the lovely Wimblehurst Hotel.

That said, I'm not convinced that the Wimblehurst was really a hotel... as much as just some old house. And while the sign on the front proclaims its a two star "small hotel" I think what that means is its a one star bed and breakfast.

A strange point... of the 6 people involved in the course, 4 flew in from Holland, 1 from Germany, and 1 from the U.S. So uhm, why were we in England? I've got no idea!

While logistics might not have been "spot on", I am pleased to report I still managed to learn things. Stuff I can actually apply directly to my job! That shouldn't normally be exclamation "worthy" but honestly, it is.

Thankfully some fun happened too! We went as a group to the New Curry Restaurant in the sleepy centre of Horsham and I think it was great. And that's a strange thing, since I despise the taste (and especially the after-taste) of curry. Heck, even the smell of it can curl my toe nails, but this experience was completely different. I told the waiter to make something so spicy hot that I simply wouldn't be able to taste the curry. They did a great job!

One of my Dutch colleagues tried a micro-dab (that's a scientific term) of my hot sauce. That was hilarious! I ate it like ketchup. And I heard about it all the next day. I've made spaghetti sauce hotter... albeit by mistake. But people were shocked by (surprised by, scared by?) what I considered medium spicey.

But the moral of the storey is that I can enjoy "a curry". And for more than just the Kingfisher beer.

The trip home was mildly uneventful. Downright boring actually. Due to reasons of taxi-sharing and different flight times I was at the airport at 3:15pm but didn't fly out until 8:20. Nasty! Although I did take this opportunity to buy my copy of the new Harry Potter and had a proper Fish & Chips.

I also saw a Gatwick sign that I thought sent all the wrong messages. Attempting to tell escalator riders to watch their step, instead I think it perpetuates nasty stereotypes about penguins. By no means a clumsy or foolish animal, I think penguins deserve a little more respect than this sign (and the one in the background) gives them.

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J. D. said...

A clean B&B, fun and new eating experiences with like-minded people, sounds like a place I'd wish to stay in longer than three days.

PICTURES...GREAT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Oh, I bet that penguin sign made you smile:-) Love, Mom