Saturday, July 28, 2007

I'm Home

I love coming home. Travelling, the actual airport stuff, is now just a lot like time spent in a dentist's chair. Just concentrate on happy thoughts and eventually it'll all be over. Time spent away is, pardon the pun, neither here nor there to me. I've spent so much time in so many hotels that my routine, laying out the clothes from the suitcase, etc., is now followed subconsciously. But after travelling I always feel happy to be home!

I've spent the day unpacking and packing, with ample vaccuuming in between. My travel suitcase was emptied and clothes were washed. I then I took advantage of the temporarily free floor space to pull out of the scuba gear and vaccuum in forgotten places. Then I packed my gear from the suitcase it stores in to the gear bag. I talc'd the seals on my drysuit and waxed the waterproof zipper. Lastly everything (save for the two bags of dive gear) got returned to storage under the bed.

No matter how nice away was, I enjoy just being, at home. Except for tomorrow afternoon when I'll be enjoying being underwater. Oh, and tonight, when I'll be out enjoying a full-moon Saturday night. *evil grin* But this is all just part of "home". Where I am.

Update: Must have been the moon. The warmth of home is preferable to the cold of a stormy day so today's dive has been called.


quilly said...

Home -- for me it isn;t just "place", it is also comfort and care. For instance, right now I am on vacation, but I am very much "at home" here (which is an apartment, NOT a motel room).

J. D. said...

Morgan.....I wish everyone in the world could experience "home" as you do.....Mom