Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Royal Visit to Amsterdam

Amsterdam - WC News - Dutch royalty, local media, bloggers and generally knowledgeable people gathered today at Amsterdam's Centraal Station to welcome the Ice Queen as her royal coach arrived.

Delayed by German rail workers, Hollywood analysts report the Queen's delay falls precisely on "fashionably late". Beatrix, queen of the Netherlands, reported her understanding that Germany was reluctant to part with their all-too-seldomly enjoyed visitor.

The visit included a canal-based parade through the central part of the city as waving onlookers lined the banks to view the passing procession. Onlookers were heard to exclaim that the animated and energetic Ice Queen was indeed far more beautiful than her pictures capture. Later on, the Ice Queen took a walking tour and revisited some of the same locations. Most appreciated was the fine art of sitting in a cafe watching others walk to and from other cafes.

Officially deemed a sight-seeing tour, think-tank researchers report that telecommunications vendors and Icelandic scuba shops could end up the big winners if connections between the two kingdoms are strengthened.

The royal visit, part of a European tour, boosted the local economy. The overly generous Icelandic tourist purchased ample souvenirs for herself, her friends and family, and in one case for an anonymous person in a washroom. Swedish authorities pledge to match the contributions.


neva said...

...and all's well that ends well. ; )

sounds to me like a grand time was had by all! i speak from experience in saying it's pretty difficult NOT to have fun when Teh Penguin is around! i'm guessing you're a delightful tour guide, Morgan, SO glad to know the two of you had such a terrific "first" encounter! : ) xox

I Dive At Night said...

Neva, I trust you will wait for the Penguin's comments before spreading rumours. You can't trust everything you read in blogs. :-P

FYI, she's really looking forward to her next trip back to the States.

the quill said...

A visit from the Queen. I can't believe you are still speaking to us lesser mortals.

neva said...

by the way, did i really refer to her as "precious" earlier? heh. i meant precocious.

mostly i just think she's pretty darn SWEll. but then, i'm one of her biggest fans -- and, of course, self-appointed "adopted" mom.

as for those "rumors"? silly boy... i know enough about you -- and i'm a HUGE fan of your wonderful mom -- to know you're nothing less than one special young man. so i'll spread my rumors about your "tour guide" abilities wherever i damn well please, thank you very much! ; )

I Dive At Night said...

LOL! I've been told. :-)

Doug said...

Odd. I can't find a report of a broken canal or windmill anywhere.

Big fun, guys. I look forward to someone posting pictures.

Minka said...

Morgan, you were an excellent guide. Amsterdam Centraal has been viewed and highly appreciated.
I loved it very much and Amsterdam within those 6 hours has captured a piece of my heart. What a city you get to live in.
You were super ;) and I am verz thankful for you taking the time and bringing me that close to everything Amsterdam. The gifts were highly appreciated this side of teh border.

p.s I am sorry about the autogramming, it slowed us down a bit. But graciousness is a part of being a Queen :)

I Dive At Night said...


J. D. said...

Morgan.....I bet you both felt that was too short a visit. The canal boat ride was, no doubt, fun. Did you have time for your planned dinner?.........Well, you're just going to have to dash over to Germany for a few hours Friday or Saturday to finish the royal visit, royally with a grand dinner:-)........Love, Mom