Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Train Stikes in Germany?!?

Do you ever feel that plans just aren't worth making some times? I've currently got plans to host a tour of Amsterdam. And I'm really looking forward to meeting my guest. But apparently union workers in Germany had plans to stop the trains there.

Also apparently, the German courts have ordered the workers back and the trains to run. So right now it's any one's call.

Thankfully I made plans that didn't involve times, such as a canal boat tour. They leave every 15 minutes or so. Now we'll have to see if the train delays affect my flexible planning or not. They will if they cancel the trip all together. But hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a much more interesting set of stories to blog about.


neva said...

here's hoping your "special" guest arrived on time, and is enjoying the sights of Amsterdam even as i type!

let's also hope those strikers don't prevent our "traveler" from making her way back home and then over to our (as in MY) side of the globe! ; )

teh young lady in question is a precious commodity, take care with her! (oh, okay, and have fun, too!) xox

I Dive At Night said...

"Precious"? That hardly scratches the surface.

She has been returned unharmed to the whims of the european rail system.

Minka said...

I made it safe and sound to and fro :) Slight delays are normal, one of my servants had problems getting the right kind of water and I simplt stopped the train for a moment to give him a piece of my mind :)