Sunday, July 22, 2007

Students and Buddies and Diving and WOW!

This has been an incredible day! We went diving! Real diving, in open water, a lake, right here in Holland!

Ingrid and Adam and I, after a brilliant Thursday in the pool, got to blow bubbles in Vinkeveense Plas today. A little divers park in a "lake" in Holland. Park-like in that it is buoyed to warn away boats and surface dangers, and filled with sunken "stuff" placed there for diving fun. (My favourite is the bus with the seats and windows removed.) Lake-like in that its a piece of land that didn't get drained. The lake is visibily metres higher than some of the houses around it. Hats off to the Dutch!

We spent a whole day for 40 minutes underwater. Seemingly nutters! But it was amazing! The anticipation before a dive is worth paying for... and the high that comes afterwards just makes everything fall into perspective... as in, nothing's too wrong if I can spend my weekends doing this.

What's mildly ironic is I've just used my Divemaster credentials to "build" two new buddies. Ironic in that I needed to be an instructor to get these guys in the water, but actually didn't have to be. Divemasters can do the Scuba Review course they agreed to. What we ended up with was three friends enjoying diving. (They're both already certified, but out of the water a while.) Technically, no course or credentials were needed at all for us to go diving.

That said, I think being an instructor, and running through some basics made a difference in whether my buddies got wet or not. So in a very real way I've just built two buddies whom I can go diving with and who feel comfortable diving with me. Perfect!

Now I have to find out if they want to write the test and visit the pool once more to get the "official sticker" (oh!) for the course. At one point, Ingrid, looking through her log book, realized she had her decorative PADI certificate which had never been signed. It was heart breaking that I couldn't actually fill it in and sign it for her. Hopefully I'll be able to sign lots of other, better certificates for her in the future!

And there are still a few courses I can teach Adam. (He has more than 3X as many dives as me.) In the end, today was an incredible start! Students, buddies, and diving... Wow!


J. D. said...

Well, when you get right down to it, I guess you are enjoying the friends and the diving!!! The lady in the picture must be Ingrid. (very pretty) Adam's description says it all........ love, Mom

narcosis in paradise said...

Morgan, nice drysuit, not as nice as my DUI, but nice. Hope you're having fun !!

imi said...

This was just great! Imagine you only have 4 dives in South East Asia on your 'back' and you have never heard of 'bad visibility' or something like 'cold water'. I can tell you that I was very quick to grab my instructor/buddy and hold on to him until I got used to the new conditions. Never was I scared though thanks to Adam and Morgan. We had such a nice time! And great brownies!

Morgan you are going to make people addicted to diving all over the world! Nobody can convey the joy of diving like you!

Dive ahoi!


PS: Thanks for the compliment JD Mom *blush*

I Dive At Night said...

Mom, Adam's camera takes great pictures, so he's less likely to be in them.

Wanda, I claim best value! I bought mine tax-free at the store's cost. And of course people in British Columbia make better drysuits than people in California. Go Whites and Bare! :-P

Imi, I look forward to many more dives! The water gets warmer through August and September and the visibility is even better in the winter!