Friday, July 20, 2007

All signs point to mayhem.

Mayhem and silliness are serious dangers in tonight's activities. Mike, who's been gone way too long, is finally back and free for a beer. And Joby is also in town and joining.

I'd make guesses about what might transpire but right now I've got to get ready and get out. There's fun to be had!


In the end... *sigh* ... I must report my friends are far too old. Mike called it quits at 9pm and Joby agreed to stay for one more beer. *yawn* At least I got my sleep for diving Sunday. And there in was the real storey.


quilly said...

Who are you planning to phone for bail money?

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, per the update, bail wasn't necessary. Oh well, it could have been fun. But diving was GREAT so I don't mind.

J. D. said...

Aaah! You didn't get to stay out late and act silly. That's the dark cloud. But, you were well rested and ready for the full day of outside fun that followed. That's the silver lining....Mom