Friday, July 20, 2007

We Blew Bubbles!

Woohoo! A month and a half after returning from my Instructor course, I finally spent some time diving with students! Almost.

As hoped and promised, Ingrid and Adam did indeed join me yesterday at the pool. A crazy bit of logistics (work to scuba shop to pool) was involved and we were in the end too late to hold proper training. But we blew bubbles and it was great! My students are both certified... the plan was for reviewing their skills and rebuilding confidence before Sunday's planned dive in a local lake. When all the equipment problems were done we only spent 30 minutes in the pool. But oh what fun those minutes were!

I can't explain it; it's an addiction. Hours of rushing and preparation are completely worth the hassles just to get minutes underwater. And I'm sure we'd, all three, agree. We practiced a few skills, we swam, we hovered carefully in the shallow water, and we had tons of fun!

I believe Ingrid is mentally ready for her first ever "cold water" dive. And after months and years of stalling, I think I've got Adam hooked on scuba again.

So I've finally been in the water with my first two students. And soon I'll have them so addicted to diving I'll have regular buddy's for weekends. *evil laugh* I love it!


imi said...

To the best dive instructor ever:

Thanks for yesterday! It was great and I am looking forward to blowing bubbles on Sunday!


J. D. said...

Morgan, that's indeed high praise from Ingrid. Good to know you're appreciated:-) Take care tonight and have a great weekend...Love Mom