Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Working from home...

In the past I've had many days working from home. And I always felt a strong sense of professionalism and worked really hard. But today I'm doing my normal office work from home and of course my "normal" office workload is very low. It's tempting to give up trying and head to the gym or the scuba shop. My lunch of pasta and homemade sauce was much better than the cafeteria average. That's a plus. But even hovering over my email, I can't will people to send me the information I need to do some serious work.

And thus, I'm blogging.

Today being July 17th, I would be remiss if I didn't say Happy Birthday Minka!!! I imagine she's in the air now on her way home. Hopefully with lots of time tonight to enjoy her special day. (She might also be on the late flight which arrives after midnight.)

Other exciting things include plans for diving. Adam and Ingrid are two friends of mine, niether of whom have been diving for years now. We're doing a PADI Scuba Review course this Thursday (pool) and Sunday (Vinkeveense plas). The logistics will be a challenge, but it's certain to be a lot of fun!

Last but not least, I'd also like to say "Welcome home Mike!" My friend who took over work in Boston from me last year has only just now returned himself. Way too long away.

With both Mike and Joby in town I can imagine upcoming silliness.


J. D. said...

Hi Morgan.....You have your Dad's good work ethic. How many times did you hear him say, "You have to give 110%."?

.....another "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to M'lady Minka. Great picture. Beautiful profile!

You'll be anxious to get back to diving, I know. Teaching friends, Adam and Ingrid, should be a lot of laughs. And with Mike, Joby and you getting together in the same place, there will be some hysterical howls and roars and hoots too. If you include Claudia, she may be a little happier with the move to Amsterdam.

Have fun, my Dear.......Mom

quilly said...

Just remember to come back here and share the laughter!

Minka said...

Too kind and thank you once again, I had a blast. Amsterdam has got me, there is no doubt!

have fun with the silliness, but stay away from teh alley with the cute red lamps ;)

narcosis in paradise said...

Happy Birthday Minka

neva said...

lovely picture of our even more lovely penguin! sorry i missed this post, too busy gettin' ready for the 2nd leg of her "birthday vacation", i suppose!

glad your life is back to normal(ish)... nice to know you've been able to reunite with an old friend, just as you waved goodbye(ish) to a new(ish) one! (not sure what that means, but it's supposed to be nice!) ; )

I Dive At Night said...

Neva, once you've met the more than lovely penguin, is "normal" a word you can ever use again?