Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A walk in the rain

There are times when walking in the rain is simply the right thing to do. Times when pathos has more value than comfort and warmth. An obviously enjoyable thing, to children (rain is for getting wet), adults tend to shun rain as if, like the unfriendly coven member of the west, we would melt.

I've seen recent news footage of floods and some truly terrible aquious-based disasters. But none of these has involved people actually melting. Drowning, sure. The occasional washed away scenerio. But rarely, if ever, spontanious liquifaction due to hydrogen dioxide contamination.

Today my body is trapped inside a flourescent prison of desks and papers. But my mind is out wandering in the rain. I wish I could follow it right now, as later I will surely have better things to do. And I will surely prefer to do those things in a state of dry comfort. But right now, this would be a great time to go for a walk in the rain.


quilly said...

I love walking in the rain.

J. D. said...

Morgan.....walking in the rain, jumping in puddles, watching flashing, rumbling, noisey storms. Small joys that are easily passes on to your kids. And just think how many people pass on fear in place of the fun......Love, Mom