Friday, August 17, 2007

Pics for Mom

My new glasses have arrived! I took advantage of working from home today and used my "lunch hour" to go down the street to get them. (And a few bags of groceries.)

I'm also happy to report that the new phone is fabulously fun! Here's a picture of the phone browsing the blog post about the phone. (Does anyone here suffer from vertigo?)

The new screen is so bright is was difficult to photograph this picture.

Yesterday I had a great time on the train reading and posting comments to blogs. You can see the whole thing, although slowly. I don't think I'm missing any functionality other than a full keyboard... and as an SMS master this isn't a big problem for me.

And RSS tells me when a blog has been updated. It isn't instant, but the phone scans the RSS feed every hour and reports back with a tiny bing sound and a screen icon if new posts have arrived.

For days I couldn't figure out how to set up the RSS. But I put the browser to my own blog and suddenly the option to capture the RSS feed was presented to me automatically. Too easy!

And for those curious about the phone's camera features... well they're a hit too! The FaceWarp software is super silly. But you can take any bad photo of someone and turn it into a terrible photo of what they would look like as an alien or an insect. Good times!

What I think is the main feature is the convenience. I got a last moment invite to a coworkers wedding reception recently. I didn't have time to think about a camera, and didn't need it. When shedding backpacks and baggage to look appropriate for such a nice event, a phone is about the only accessory you're likely to keep with you. And when the camera built in is as good as all the digital cameras around and as quick and simple to use... well this is just a marvelous age we live in. :-)

Congratulations to Rudi and Min!


Minka said...

Ok,ok...I'll buy one. What are they paying you?

It is a ownderful gadget, i have to agree and good job on picking out those glasses, they frame your eyes beautifully!

I Dive At Night said...


J. D. said...

Morgan, dear...I really like your new glasses. Good choice. Thanks for the pictures. Dad went for new glasses last week and was handed a bill for over $600.00. He told them to keep the glasses. After a long (and, I bet it was loud) discusssion with the manager, he paid $335.00. Three hundred will be paid by insurance. What a jip!

Your new toy is a huge bargain. It does more jobs than a Swiss knife. Is there anything it can't do? Can it transform into a superhero too?

Have a fun weekend. Safe diving!

neva said...

whoa... awesome phone, Morgan. and i'm in total agreement with Monika, in thinking those new glasses suit you, to a "T". or an "M", i suppose. whatever the letter... let's just say they look FABULOUS on you, and leave it at that!

and JD, hahahahaha! the same thing happened to me (with a price tag equally as hefty) when i picked up my new glasses a couple of weeks ago. wish i'd had your hubby's chutzpah -- i, too, might have been able to "convince" those folks to reduce the price. oy. even a little would have meant a lot! d'oh! ; )

quilly said...

Great glasses, Morgan. You have kind eyes.

As to your wonderful phone, before I decide I can't live without it, how big a hole did it put in your wallet? [I doubt my wallet could sustain the hit.]

I Dive At Night said...

Ladies, the phone is wonderful for two reasons above all else. Firstly, no matter what else it can do, it cannot do work. No Word or Excel. So no work on the go. Secondly, it was FREE! I took my lowest monthly phone bill over the last year year, raised my subscription/contract to that per month, and the phone is freakin FREE!

As for the glasses, thank you for the kind feedback. Some days I wish I had a lady to help me with these day to day style/appearance questions. Other days, I wish I had a lady to help with all the other questions of life. :-P

Minka said...

ladies don't always know better and it seems to me youa re doing a fine job polishing your appearance. You mom has doen a fine job raising you :)

I Dive At Night said...

I still would appreciate a trusted female opinion from time to time.

Failing opinions, compliments are great too!