Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sidewalk Chalk

This past weekend was a flurry of.... surreal activity. So it was only fitting that I should stumble across a 3D chalk painting as I moved about the city. Julian Beever is world famous for his sidewalk chalk drawings. Or more accurately, the photos of his work are world famous.

By Sunday afternoon, the ground in Amsterdam's Beursplein was covered with a beautiful image of tulips and the stereotypical bowl-of-fruit.

But it was the process that created this image that was the interesting part. Starting Friday, Julian worked for three days. He used a small table with some tulips and a bowl of fruit. This was his model. And he had a digital camera on a tripod. This was his view of the "canvas". He chalks a little, inspects the work in the camera's view screen, then chalks a little more. He works right from the very start of his project to ensure that the finished art (photographs) will match his precise desire.

One of the most interesting parts of such work is how the actual image on the sidewalk needs to be completely distorted in order for the camera lens to see the finished product properly.

Looked at from the side opposite the camera you'd be hard pressed to say what it was. But from just the right angle, Wow!


quilly said...

Morgan, you stumble across the most exciting things!

J. D. said...

Morgan, you actually saw or met Julian Beever!!! You lucky guy! He is amazing. I'd love to see him at work. Remember, I sent you some of his astonishing art a few months ago in an e-mail. The WOW FACTOR is in the angle, as you say. One way you look at it and it is just elongated swishes of colour. Another angle gives you a 3-D picture of a table, so real, that you think you can pick up the objects on it. He did a beautiful commercial for TV. It shows you a 3-D classroom, wonderfully decorated for the pupils return in September. But, of course, it is flat. It isn't really there. Don't you just love it!
............Hugs, Mom

Minka said...

I love it!

Oh my God, that is one of the most beuatiful things I have seen for a while. Love your description, too.
angles and everything!

I am gonna check him out a bit more. Neve rheard of the guy, so I am glad you brought him to our attention!

Just beautiful!

neva said...

WOW, is right. thanks for this lovely post, Morgan! fabulous pictures and wonderfully descriptive write up. well done on all counts! very impressive. *claps* : )

I Dive At Night said...

Uhm, thanks all!

But I feel like I'm missing something. What?

Minka said...

a new post perhaps?!

I know downtown Amsterdam is pretty and all, but it's not like it is going anywhere. Come back, here!

I Dive At Night said...

As you wish. ;-)