Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit rabbit it's August first!

That's all I wanted to say right now. I've just never done "rabbit rabbit" properly before. Just work up and realized it wasn't the 31st. :-)


Minka said...

Rabbit, rabbit...Morgan. I hope your August is wonderful!

J. D. said...

Hi Morgan, I see you have now done rabbit rabbit! What the heck does that mean? We've all done "kitten, kitten" running around the yard looking for Spot and Smudge.....actually, that's not true because Spot always comes when he is called..... but, I guess rabbit rabbit is not the same:-).....Mom

I Dive At Night said...

Hi Minka, May your August (et al) be wonderful too!

Mom, I was anticipating that question. Learn to love Wikipedia.


J. D. said...

Hi again, baby boy......I can't even find a dictionary on Wikiwhat'sit.

But I did get to Minka's to see the video...........Mom

I Dive At Night said...

Uhm, that's the link to the exact thing. If you can't click it, copy and paste it. Get Dad for that last bit.

J. D. said...

I clicked on it, read it and it's still stuff and nonsence to me. If Wiki can't explain it better than that, I'll skip that little superstition.

About Wikipedia...I can't get through the gobblely-goop at the beginning. I'd like to use it to see if I spelled "nonsence" incorrectly.(giggles)......It's late. Go to bed.......Mom