Saturday, August 04, 2007

A weekend with divers!

This is way too early to be awake on a Saturday. Thankfully there's good reason to be up! I just got back from the dive shop were I helped Tobias get all the rental gear he needs to join Adam and me for a dive tomorrow. And tonight I'll be meeting up with Adam and Ingrid and her boyfriend at a food festival in Haarlem. It'll be my first meeting with the boyfriend, who will hopefully take up diving this summer as my student.

So it's a weekend with divers, starting early Saturday morning at the dive shop, proceeding to social events with divers, then on to actual diving Sunday. Woohoo!

Last week Adam and I cancelled our dive plans. This weekend we've got Toby in tow, with all his accumulated rental equipment, so there won't be any temptation to cancel. Indeed, the weather forecast is for a glorious warm and sunny weekend!

Alas, for now, cancelling all Saturday afternoon plans and returning to sleep is temping. Will it be sleep now, so that I can better enjoy tonight? Or will I choose to do my grocery shopping so that I can be well fed before tomorrow's dive? Hmmmmm.


J. D. said...

Hi dearest Morgan.....Sounds great to me, except for getting up early on a Saturday. I would choose SLEEP above all. I can work and play through a bit of hunger, but, if I'm tired, it's lights out. Stay alert, play hard and happy diving!!!...........Mom

I Dive At Night said...

I picked no sleep and no groceries. But I cooked enough spaghetti sauce to get me through the weekend. :-)

The "Culinair" festival was amazing! Japanese sushi, Belgian beers, Cuban nachos. Everyone enjoyed the food and the company.

quilly said...

Sleep. You can always feed yourself at a restaurant.

Sleep. I am so wanting more .... but, alas, I am facing a four day camping trip, so I suspect I will receive less.

I Dive At Night said...

Hi Quilly! You've been quiet all weekend, so thanks for the camping update. Sounds cool!

I believe sleep is perhaps unnecessary. I'm not certain, but I keep trying to test the idea.