Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Tragically Hip

I've been busy lately. Really really busy. So how have I chosen to deal with this? Why I've bought concert tickets of course! Why slow down when going this fast is so much fun?!?

I'm going to see the Tragically Hip!!! "The Hip" are a sensation in Canada. They've been one of the top bands for two decades... the decades that most influenced my tastes in music. So when I heard (read) they were coming to my favourite intimate (~1,500 people) concert venue in Amsterdam I had to immediately buy two tickets. Even funnier, I just told a coworker with a Canadian boyfriend about the concert. One phone call to the Canadian and 3 minutes more and they have two tickets too! It was an old colleague of mine from another job who emailed me about the concert to begin with, so that's six of us so far.

But that's not until September 25th. In the mean time the craziness continues. I've got 3 dates / social appointments with friends this week. It might be a bit crazy before I can settle into a nice "quiet" rock concert. :-P


Minka said...

That sounds just grand. Concerts are great and whenever somebody good makes it over to Iceland, you bet your hip...I am there.

Take a few vitamins while you are buzzing aorund though ;)
There is no point getting sick just before Canada invades Amsterdam :)

neva said...

sounds like a lot of fun and/or a tragically hip time will be had by all. the fact that you'll be attending a concert on my birthday will, no doubt, make the event all the more special for everone. heh heh. ; )

Minka's advice is excellent, and you'd do well to follow it. nothing like a crappy head cold to put a damper on a good time. just ask me, i wound up with the flu over the weekend, and have been lamenting my lack of health, ever since! oy.

neva said...

er, i meant to say "everYone", but you knew that, right? (sick! i'm sick! i can't be blamed for typos!)

Minka said...

*hands Neva a tissue*

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, thanks for reminding me, I should notify the Canadian Expats club, so we really can invade the event.

Neva, can I get you a tea? Chicken soup? Chicken soup for the soul? Get well soon and then build your strength for Sept. 25. :-)

FYI, I've tried to follow Minka before and found she moves so quickly its truly a challenge.