Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sweat it out!

Damn this feels good; soaked in sweat, every part tired, hands so weak they're shaking. After a June, July and August without the gym, I'm finally back.

My body is addicted to exercise. It's a true physical addiction, because when I stop, the symptoms are unbearable. Every pulled muscle and old injury I've ever hard will creep back and start to bother me... unless I exercise. Then it just all goes away.

Done properly, 2 or 3 trips a week keeps everything running smoothly. Physically, mentally, I benefit from (hard) physical activity in so many ways. It's holistic. And without it, like the past month or two, everything hurts. Nights become more for TV than for me. And that's not good.

But this is the best addiction I've heard of. And it takes so little to get me back into it. Exercise makes me want to eat well; not lots, but nutritiously. And of course it forces good sleep. Eleven o'clock doesn't magically become one o'clock in the morning without sleep. When I put my head down, I sleep better, and thus feel better the next day. Full of energy and highly motivated to return to the gym.


Minka said...

yep, yep, yep:)

Nods hea din approval. Npthing quite like that feeling, when you stand in teh shower, look down and notice a muscle movement, where you did not think any muscles were there to begin with. Red cheeks when you go out, and a good night's sleep. I love those syptoms:)

I Dive At Night said...

During the long hot shower afterwards I was feeling muscles I had forgotten about.

Hope you made it too!

quilly said...

I live in a third floor walk up. Let's talk exercise ... 46 steps to my door!

J. D. said...

Oh, you people make me sick:-) Exercise, exercise. You'll feel better. Tone those muscles. You'll feel great, with more energy. I'm bummed out. I let my fingers do the walking and jogging. You're all missing some informative info cmmercials if you are not awake at two in the morning. And the couch potato life saves time when meal planning. Just eat the first thing you see in the fridge because you have to be back to the couch before the commercial break on TV is over. (And would you believe - not kidding - I have lost 22 pounds in the last year,)...WARNING: Attempt my diet and exercise routine ONLY under a doctor's, Mom

neva said...

i used to run 6-10 miles a day--even through both my pregnancies. even now we walk (in hills) at least 3 miles 5 times a week (okay, sometimes we cheat and only do 2 1/2) i couldn't survive without a little healthy aerobic activity.

speaking of "aerobic activity"... weren't YOU the one whining about a need for a little Sex, Ed? yeesh, i slave over an updated post, and what do i get for my efforts? a sweaty/smelly you, making me feel guilty because i haven't been out for a jog yet, today! ; )

I Dive At Night said...

I promise you that I will never ever ever run while pregnant! (Or jog, or lope, or walk, or stroll.)

I hurt.