Sunday, October 28, 2007

Spring Forward, Fall Back

Last April, or was it March, I lost an hour of my life. Even more precious, I lost an hour of sleep! This hour was ripped from my life when I least expected it and when I awoke to find it gone I was suddenly an hour late for everything. Thankfully "everything" was "everything I intended to do on a Sunday"... so it was nothing really, but still. The thought that some genius in Greenwich or Geneva or Washington D.C. (where do the Time Police have their headquarters?) had taken time from me and forced me to adjust my watch felt like a personal invasion.

But unlike most golf balls, love interests, or lost dive weights, this hour has mysteriously returned to me! Completely opposite to how a cat that's been run over fails to come home, here's my lost hour, waiting for me this morning.

If I knew it was coming back, I would have tried to greet my hour properly, such as with my eyes closed in bed. But regardless of how it's back I'm just happy to have it here. I've spent my summer feeling at least 59 minutes out of touch with the world around me. Now I can be fully in synch with the coming winter cold and rain which I'll be there for every 1/24th day of.


Nessa said...

I want all of my hours back. Can I do that?

I Dive At Night said...

Nessa, if you truly loved the hour when it left, it will come back to you. But if you aren't good to it you may loose it again next year.

If you move to an equatorial location you don't get your hours back, but you never loose any either.

Aside from excessive drinking.

Minka said...

we never switch the time. We are weird, for some reason we believe the concept of time is not ours to regulate. The true reason is, that it doesn't matter if we would give ourselves an extra hour gets bright around 11 and dark around 2, the rest of the time we are inside and someone invented the switch :)

I Dive At Night said...

Icelandic time is pretty messed up. Not only do they use GMT when they're clearly NOT in that time zone, but you can miss "the day" between cig breaks. WTF?!?