Monday, October 08, 2007

Very Scary News

It's been a year since I've been home to Canada. Thanksgiving last year I pulled into the driveway just an hour before the whole family sat down to dinner. This year, I intended to wait until Christmas to come home. Until, that is, I began to suspect that my mother's always-poor health was a little worse than normal. The other day I booked a last minute flight home.

Things actually seemed pretty normal when I arrived. Mom and Dad were both in great spirits. J.D. looked a little more frail than normal but was so happy to see me.

And yesterday afternoon seemed like a very normal day. After a bit of shopping with my Dad, and some time hanging out with Mom, the three of us were sitting in the living room watching TV and chatting.

J.D. is a Coke addict. Coca-Cola that is. She has a glass of the stuff with her all day and all night. It's her preferred way to wash down heart pills, etc.. So it seemed odd when she suddenly asked me," Who's glass of cola is this?"

"It's yours Mom."

Two minutes later she asked," Is this your cola?" and at that moment the day began to fall apart. She really didn't know. She didn't know that she had just asked. She didn't know what she had been doing. She couldn't answer any question about the preceding 3 hours. And she was almost as afraid of that as Dad and I were.

There were no other signs of symptoms of a problem. No headache or weakness or dizziness. No pain or similar. But her confusion was so profound we wasted no time and grabbing only a book and her purse we went to the hospital.

Those first few moments were the worst part. We suspected, but didn't speak about, a stroke. As it turns out, it seems that minor heart-attack is more likely.

J.D. happy she put on make-up before going to the hospital

J.D. is well. She's fine, at the hospital, in good hands, and in high spirits. Mainly she's excited to be able to visit with her friend Carol who's there post knee surgery. We don't even know for sure yet whether it was indeed a heart attack. But from all the tests and probes and scans and monitoring this seems the most likely. And she'll be staying a second night, tonight, to give the doctors time to figure it all out.

By tomorrow I'm sure J.D. will be home again. In the mean time, Dad and I are going to try to cook the Thanksgiving turkey on our own (first time for either of us) so that tonight we can bring her the turkey sandwich that she's insisting on.

Stay tuned for updates. Well wishes can be sent here or here, and prayers are always appreciated.

It was a pretty scary night, but I've never been more glad to be home. I love you Mom!


Irene Bons said...

O my God, this really is scary !!! Lots of love to you and your mom, and the rest of your family of course, and my prayers will definitely be with all of you ! Hope to read good news soon, until then I wish you all the best.

Big hug,


Becky said...

I hope your mom gets better soon. As for the turkey-remember to pull out the birds innards, which should be tucked neatly in a plastic bag in the open end. And Cook's has lots and lots of good methods of doing this.

Charline said...

Mo, sending prayers and thoughts your way. Give the woman a break though and don't poison her with your cooking! :-)

I Dive At Night said...

Hey All! Happy to report Dad and I are back from visiting again today and J.D. is happy and spirited. The four men (burping and farting) who enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner all thought it was one of the best cooked meals EVER. So stop worrying, the turkey sandwich we brought to the hospital won't hurt J.D.

There are more tests to run tomorrow, at which point we'll know when Mom's coming home.

narcosis in paradise said...

Morgan, OMG....I just don't know what to say...I hope Moms feeling better real soon, I will remember her in my prayers. Please tell her I am thinking of her and sending lots of Love and Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You and your Dad are also in my thoughts and prayers. Love and lots of good wishes, Wan

quilly said...

Morgan, I am so glad you decided to go home. I know Judy is, too. Tell her I am thinking of her and I have put her in my prayers. (You, too.)

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Quilly and thanks Wanda. J.D. is feeling well. Indeed, she's never felt poorly at any time during this ordeal. However the doctors aren't letting her home yet... although we have no idea why. Not a clue what to expect.

Minka said...

Oh My God...
I am so sorry to hear that. But, boy am I glad that you went home on a hunch.

Practice cooking like love...with reckless abandon (Dalai Lama!) and it should be tasty.

Many many many good thoughts and wishes to you, your mom and dad. here's to "just a scare" and may she be home by tomorrow!

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Minka. All thoughts, wishes, and prayers are gladly accepted!

The Italian side of me already knew to love recklessly and to cook with love.

Minka said...

any news?

I Dive At Night said...

Just back from the hospital (8pm Wednesday night). J.D. is staying for the 4th night with high High HIGH hopes of leaving tomorrow. All fingers crossed.

In the mean while, I should add that her health and spirits have been excellent. It's blood test results that are keeping her in the hospital, however throughout the entire things she's felt fine. She only went to the hospital original to humour my Dad and I and hasn't had any pain or discomfort except that caused by being in a hospital... food, bed, noise, etc..