Monday, November 12, 2007

KL in pics...

Hi All!

Well yesterday was a long long long day. 41 hours? Ah the joys of an 11+ hour flight and changing 7 time zones. Oh well.

The good news is that I've brought my digital camera in addition to my camera phone, and I've been snapping away when ever possible (not often enough). So here's Kuala Lumpur so far, as I've seen it through the lense.

Lit beautifully at night, the 452m high Patronas Towers are kinda nice.

Up close, the towers are even more awesome.

Yeah, I could show you the day pics... buy why? Isn't it beautiful?

Tonight the group I worked the day with went out to dinner... in the towers! "The Spice of India" or similar was located in the lower levels. I'm no fan of Indian food, but this was a great meal! Must have been the location.

And the prices here are INSANE! I guess local wages are incredibly low, because last night's Surf & Turf dinner (steak and lobster) cost just under 10 euros. Tonight 6 of us ate (with drinks) for a whopping total of 80 euros. And both dinners came with incredible service. I couldn't pour my own beers as the waitors buzzed around providing the highest standards of service at bargain basement prices. Do these guys get paid???

FYI, this is my second and last evening here. Tomorrow we have meetings all day followed by an evening flight to Singapore City. Two sleeps there, then a night on the plane and I'll be home Friday.

Stay tuned.


Irene said...

Wow, it looks amazing !!! But I'll be glad when you've landed safely again. By the way: when's Rogier moving out ??? Must be any day now as far as I remember.

I Dive At Night said...

December 14th!!! Just one month and three days away. (But who's counting?)

J. D. said...

Excellent pictures!!! Check out the penthouse in the middle building in the forefront...huge window walls and landscaped roof. To the right of that, the semi-circle shaped building is outstanding, too. And the towers take my breath away...are there any more beautiful structures in the world? Thanks for getting us up-close and as personal as I'll ever get.

I hope the meetings are successful. So glad you are enjoying the food!.....Mom

quilly said...

Morgan, they probably don't get paid. I hope you tipped them really, really well.

the amoeba said...

There's a reason why your Japanese TV is made in Malaysia.

When I lived in New Zealand, waitstaff weren't tipped. Because they were paid. But American tourists decided the Kiwi minions weren't jumping fast enough. Now they're paid like waitstaff everywhere else. This saddens me.

I Dive At Night said...

Cool. Thanks Mom, I hadn't even noticed the roof garden yet.

O-Quilly-C, you think with one mind so you now get one name. :) I'm sorry to report that the bosses have been picking up the check (good for me!) but I thus can't ask if we're tipping appropriately.

Minka said...

wow...I am a bit jealous to be honest...about the lobster for 10 Euros of course. What did you think?
But it must be quite impressive to behold such grandness with your own eyes!

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, you're welcome to join on the next trip! The towers are beautiful, especially at night.

As for the lobster, it left, shall we say, a better taste in my mouth than many a recent event.

Doug said...

Wow. Talk about compensating.

I Dive At Night said...

*blush* And I was so happy to find that the CN Tower in Toronto was 111 metres higher.

Some times a tower is just a tower and a flower is just a flower.