Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm home....

I'm home, but I haven't missed a night away from home. So is such a thing blog worthy? Rogier seemed impressed. After a brief chat he stated," You just said 'meeting in Paris' like it was going to Maastricht."

It was like that. *shrug* What can I say? Got up early, spent a long time travelling to get to a 3 hour meeting during which I was the presenter 90% of the time. Lunch was in the office cafeteria (decent stuff for a cafeteria) and dinner was at the airport and a complete let down. That was Paris.

Oh, and a pic of a triumphant arch! Which I'll post tomorrow.

But barring any miscalculations or fraudulent corporate behaviour, I should have my Silver level for KLM's frequent flyer program... and in only 6 months! This means that in 2008 I should be able to use the Business Class check-in and baggage drops. And build points faster, to get me to Canada and Bonaire once or twice for free. Nice!

But not quite as nice as being home. Because now I can go to sleep, in my own bed, without setting an alarm or needing to travel across any boarders for the whole rest of the weekend.


OC or Q said...

You had to choose between a weekend in PAris and a night in your own bed -- and your bed won. That's what I call a jaded traveler.


Minka said...

I applied for frequent-flyer miles with Icelandair years ago. I have loads of points but I don't know how to transfer them when I book a flight :) Eventually I will have to check that out:)

Can't wait for the picture!

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, I think Paris is the ultimate city for this to happen with. My 3rd trip there was completely lame, yet people all over the world dream of seeing the "City of Light". Irony.

Minka, you fly all the time! You must have enough for something cool. Check check check.