Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit rabbit, in digital glory! Or is that digital TV I'm thinking of? Yes, yes I think it is.

"We" got a notice on Thursday that my hardware from the cable company had arrived and needed to be picked up at the local post office. Trouble is, the notice was in Rogier's name. He's the one moving out, not the one ordering more cable services.

So Ro picked up a big huge box this morning, then called UPC Cable to verify he wasn't paying for it. The helpful lady on the other end suggested the following:
1) Take the box that's just arrived from the post office and return it to UPC.
2) A cable technician will come out to disconnect the service.
3) Wait for UPC to receive the box, then "send an identical unit" back in my name, which I'll have to go to the post office to pick up.
4) UPC then sends a technician out to reconnect their service for me.
5) Once all connected & in my name, UPC will send me the telephone and Internet boxes.

I got passed the phone and had this explained. I asked, can't you just move the service from Rogier's name to mine? After much stalling and delay, the lady admitted it was possible. BUT! It requires a form... for me to sign!

I explained to her that receiving a letter and returning it was much simpler than returning and receiving large boxes. You could hear the gears turning as she thought through this. And turn well they did, for now the processes is:
1) Receive envelope and sign a form.
2) Watch digital TV while I wait to be sent the telephone and Internet boxes.

Some days I wonder.


Theresa said...

Strange, since Holland is such an efficient place. Are you sure you're not really living somewhere in Spain?

I Dive At Night said...

Theresa, efficient? Please. Holland gets credit for a lot of things, but not efficiency.

Well, maybe relative to Spain... okay.

J. D. said...

.....and I can hear those points being made to the befuddled operator in THAT TONE OF VOICE that only YOU can summon up. She/He is probably still on knees praying that she/he never gets Mr. Logic/Common Sense on the phone again.....smiles...Mom

Minka said...

Did she sound blonde?


some days we all wonder how come people don't fall down more!

OC or Q said...

What I marvel at is how folks like this lady all end up in customer service. Stories like this give me hope that all my special ed kids will someday have jobs ...

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, "how come people don't fall down more". Beautiful! But there was only a 75-80% chance (numbers, sorry) that she was actually blond.

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, as long as there are jobs in Call Centers, there will be work for dropouts and the mildly handicapped.

People don't usually go through higher education to get this work.