Sunday, December 23, 2007

It's all about your tools...

Having the right tool for the job can make things much easier. And using the wrong tool can make life difficult. Or in my case, can make breathing difficult.

Last week I bought the hardware I needed to mount my TV and stereo. My decision to stop using the ten euro hand drill I own and to rent a good one was critical. The professional drill went through the concrete wall "like butter". So easy, so simple. It could have all gone so quickly.

But vacuum cleaners are more complicated beasts than they let on. Indeed I do most of my vacuuming without ever looking at the vacuum. So I had already picked up three holes worth of concrete dust when I noticed; everything going into the hose was subsequently being thrown straight out the back.

The plume of fine dust was momentarily hilarious. The moment was a short one. Apparently if the bag isn't mounted properly into the vacuum, what goes in comes out. But what went in was a discrete pile. What came out was a room filling cloud.

Yet it was all a success! The hard work I expected the holes would give became the cleanup instead. But given the results... could I really complain?!?

And just to keep it all feeling like Christmas, the cable TV works again! Yesterday I called and made a technician's appointment for Thursday. Today I woke up and it was working. Huh? Okay. I suppose the decoder liked how it looks and decided to play the part.

There's still lots of cleaning and arranging to do today. Christmas will be three scuba divers sitting here, watching movies, and eating. So if I'm to host guests, I'd best get on with it. In the mean time though, I just couldn't help but share my latest creation. A work in progress still... but my latest pride and joy.


quilldancer said...

Hey, could Santa bring me that for Christmas? A lovely flat screen TV would be --well-- lovely!

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, how did you do that? I was still correcting the spelling when you had commented already.

Well I hope that your Santa is able to bring you such things... I'll advise on how to mount it.

J. D. said...

Morgan, Darlin'...That looks great! Gotta go. Your Dad is making me eat. TTFN.....Hugs, Mom

Diesel said...

Very nice. Have a Merry Christmas, Morgan!

quilldancer said...

Merry Christmas! Or, as we say in Hawaii, Mele Kalikimaka!

quilldancer said...

Oh, O'Ceallaigh received a lovely HD, LCD flat screen for Christmas. Someone must love him.

the amoeba said...

Yeah, Santa's got a pen name around here. Merry Christmas, Morgan, and may 2008 have a prettier smile than '07.

I Dive At Night said...

J.D., Diesel, Quill & O.C.,
T'was so nice your comments,
To come back and see.
Me oh my and LCD?
Santa is good, that's clear to me.
And Christmas was busy,
A chaotic flurry.
So many dishes,
Done in such a hurry.
But gosh it was fun,
A truly great time.
I just can't describe it,
Except through a rhyme.