Friday, December 21, 2007

Oh what a beautiful morning!

A white Christmas in Holland? December 21st will do. Yesterday I awoke to trees covered in ice. Last night a true and proper snowfall blanketted everything else. Isn't it beautiful?

And today is the last work day. Five-day weekend!

Let's just hope the fools at the cable company don't go on vacation before turning my service back on.


Charline said...

Great photo Mo! Here's to 5 day weekends...actually here's to 10 day weekends! Love those even better!


I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Char! IMHO one of many from today. The world was begging to be photographed every where I looked.

I'm actually doing 2 5-day weekends in a row... >:-)

quilldancer said...

I don't suppose you want to hear that I don't have to return to work until January 14th?

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, I want to hear that you're taking time off AND enjoying it! :-) How easily one forgets, I'm the guy who worked only 6 months of 2006. ;-)

Irene said...

Hi there,

Thanks for the great photo ! I keep realizing these last days that we really live in a beautiful country... it's so much fun to see people ice-skating everywhere.
Any news from Curacao ??
I won't have a long weekend, I have to work on monday, thursday and friday :-( But I wish you and all the others lots of fun during your days off, and best wishes for 2008 !!!

J. D. said...

I love, love, love the picture of the lacey frost on the trees around the windmill.

We had a beautiful 30 cm of snow a few days ago, but now it seems we might get a wet, dirty Christmas. Ick!, Mom

Happy holidays to all of Blogsville... near or far, home or away, with family or friends... may you all have lots of pretty (and expensive) presents under your trees. If that is too gauche, then you keep the pretty ones and I'll take the expensive ones:-)
love, Judy

I Dive At Night said...

Irene, you've seen frozen canals? Oh that is a beautiful sight. None so far in Amsterdam though.

Mom, I hope they weren't expensive, but you sure have sent a LOT of pretty presents for under the tree!

Minka said...

wow...that is one amazing picture. I love it. The light is fantastic...the angle superb and the color brilliant (says she who has not taken a single photigraphy course!). I just love it!