Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Perfect Sunday

I got my hands dirty with soil and mud today. That just doesn't ever happen any more. But today I did a little planting. This will be Rogier's Sinterklaas, Christmas, moving, housewarming present from me.

It's been a homey day. After too many weekends of packing or unpacking from trips, I've finally had a lazy Sunday at home with a blue sky and bright sun. And bright sun always illuminates the dust. So it's been a day of cleaning.

And to add to the homey feel, I purchased furniture! On my way back in from taking out the garbage and recycling I came across a neighbour moving a coffee table. "Is it for sale?" I asked. And it was. Just the oak it's made from is (I think) worth more than the 35 Euros I paid.

How's that for colour matched? Never mind the bargain and the convenience of "at home" shopping.


OC or Q said...

Planting and buying furniture. How domestic. You can cook, yes? PErhaps you can put out a sign so the women will know what they're missing?


J. D. said...

Hey, Morgan...Good purchase and it matches perfectly. When buying wooden furniture, it should match exactly OR be the complete opposite. A very dark wood would go with your floor also, but NOT a medium tone wood. I don't charge anything for design consultations. I have a PhD from Home and Garden TV and I'll be happy to share. Just ask me...please!...please!...please!

Much love.....Mom

Minka said...

looks good, very convenient and brilliant.

A little tip: use Olive oil and go once over the surface instead of buying polish ;)