Thursday, December 06, 2007

When rocks start to roll, and the nature of luck

When rocks start to roll, they can really get up some good speed! Things in life lately have started to roll and they are clearly picking up speed. I don't know how fast it will get, nor where it's all headed; like being caught in an avalanche. But I'm pleased with it all and happy to just relax and find out what it's all about; completely unlike being caught in an avalanche.

Work is getting more fun. (Why isn't funner a word?) I'm completely thrilled with the upcoming apartment "move", some upcoming work travel, and life in general. So much so that I even felt confident in offering a friend some of my good luck.

Not saying,"Good luck," but actually hoping that my luck could be shared. Which brings me to the nature of luck.

I'm a lucky person. I know that. But I believe in the idea that "you make your own luck." Whether or not you can actually share the luck you make... well I don't know. But I do know that the moment I tried, things got silly.

For example, I walked the long way to the bus stop, and only then realized I didn't have my bus tickets. And transit was slow this morning, meaning I had to run for my train to make it. Definitely data points to suggest I've given some luck away. But also today I had the cash to pay for the bus (don't usually) and the train left just a few seconds later than normal, making it possible for me to be on it. Two signs that I haven't given all my luck away.

Indeed, if you can share luck, then I think you can also grow it. Like happiness or love, it seems to have a positive feedback built in. The more you use, the more you have.

And what happened the moment my friend was done needing luck? My luck seems to have flooded back to me! Moments ago another friend passed me an email. It was about a job opening for a person with my skills, to work for a mobile phone operator, in the Caribbean. In the Netherlands Antilles, specifically Curacao. I love Curacao!

I don't understand the nature of luck. I'm not sure how to write the formula, what the limits are, or how to exchange it for other things like happiness or money. But I'm pretty sure that if you are lucky you should share your luck. And by sharing luck, I hope it comes back to you ten fold again.


Minka said...

I guess your last sentence makes it rather clear...
I think if you truly wanna share your luck, and wish the otehr person teh utter best, despite possible discomfort to yourself for a bit..your luck will return to you all the more experienced, with gratiutude and maybe a meat ball sub :)

OC or Q said...

Luck and coincidence are related. Both have been observed, but neither exist ... pick them up. Try to touch them. Try to describe or predict them -- cannot be done. Now try to use them ... for some it works. For others it doesn't. Why?


I Dive At Night said...

Minka, exactly! I think the selfless part needs to be there. I'm not sure about the sub... but those are always welcome!

Quilly, as I started to read I was sure it was OC writing. Surprise, no! Coincidence doesn't exist? Hmmm, maybe it's that belief that prevents you from using it. Does faith exist? Is so, how much does it weigh?

Now if you'd said that "red" or "blue" don't exist I'd understand.

Theresa said...

I came in third at Diesel's caption contest, does that count as luck? I can share some of that with you if you like, but I don't know how much good that would do. :)

I Dive At Night said...

Theresa, I checked Diesel's site. That wasn't luck... it just was.

But thanks for trying! Interaction is important... kind of.