Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hard Drive Heaven

I don't think I've ever had a computer problem take this long for me to fix before, but I'm excited to say there's a new HDD in my media PC. I'm also really ashamed to admit I bought the disk on Sunday, and have ruined every night this week trying to get it to work. Ultimately I've discovered that my motherboard just wasn't compatible.

The computer is still in little bits all over the floor. Running, but still shamefully showing it's wires with bits and bytes dangling out. It had a memory upgrade, new hard drive, and on the way soon into a case near me is a replacement DVD burner also. Oh, and a new case. It's shaped to look just like a stereo receiver. It will sit just under the stereo receiver. And I'll smile from ear to ear when people ask where the computer is.

Five days to install a drive. Embarrassing. But it's formatting, all 700 beautiful gigabytes of it and that's good enough for now.


quilly said...

Did you just confess that you live with a naked computer?

J. D. said...

Quilly, sounds worse than that to me.

Morgan, is this the beginning of a disturbing thriller novel in which your incompatible mother(board) runs amuck with previously covered parts dangling out shamefully...only to be forced into a humiliating disguise and unceremoniously thrown into a hiding place beneath her usual high standards and position, while you, her maker, smile evilly and menacingly, contemplating her disturbing new uses forming in your mind? Sounds like a futuristic, frantic and frenze-filled fable. Five days you say? It may already be too late! The psycho "Hal" clone may have already taken over and be planning revenge. She has already ruined five nights of your week. Think carefully before you press "delete". That's usually when the screen goes black (in the movie version) and the ending is left to our imagination. Good Luck and try to stay out of the Twilight Zone.

Sorry...I just felt silly!

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, yes, my computer is currently naked.

Mom, you quit your blog because... you didn't have enough words?

Theresa said...

Naked computers, that's not what I expected to find here! :)

Amsterdamaged said...

Oh my! A computer that lets it all hang out for everyone to see?!?! For shame! Then again, why shame? The computer, in its innocence, has nothing to be ashamed of. Perhaps it is we, mere humans, that are ashamed to view the naked innocence of the computer.

Minka said...

Oh my...there are some silly people out there!

Have you ever pondered a new career choice? 1 week Morgan...for shame!

I Dive At Night said...

Theresa, you were expecting... computers in cases? Or other forms of nudity?

Amsterdamaged, thanks for dropping by! (Is this *the* FB Amsterdamaged?) The real shame is in the amount of dust clearly visible on my motherboard.

Minka, computers are not my career. Only tools used in the performance of my daily work tasks. Actually I see it all in a new light now... an old tired motherboard trying it's hardest to keep up with the latest newest stuff. Sound familiar? The motherboard needed a hardware upgrade; I need redbull.