Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm Not Here Right Now

I've had a truly interesting mix of high and low technology lately. I'm attending a training course in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment. So my days have been spent infront of a computer learning the deep and scarey workings of really complicated software. But due to a forgotten laptop power supply, my evenings have been computer free.

Not exactly the same as being "unplugged". But pretty darn close.

Just incase the juxtiposition between my days and evenings doesn't sound like much, I even threw in a day of hiking! I went to Stone Mountain, just outside of Decatur, GA.
I can't recall the last time I walked through a forest; before Sunday. It was soul building. Good friends, beautiful weather, climbing large rocks and hiking along narrow forest paths. Geveldig!
Alas, last night I found a new power supply at Office Max. So tonight I'm working. (Well, at the moment I'm procrastinating.) I have a lot to prepare for my next big work project. Thankfully I've got two positives pushing me along. Firstly, this training course has made the software, which it is my job to help sell, much simpler to use and understand. The second motivating factor is that in a week from Friday I'll be getting on a plane to pressent this work... in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Yes, I think I travel too much. And yes I'm tired of the software. And yes I hate jetlag and twelve hour flights. But... Brazil! I just cannot complain about that!


quilly said...

I'm leavin' on a jet plane,
Don't know when I'll be back again.
Oh, babe, I hate to go ....

.... but I just can't wait to get there!

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, exactly! A perfect summary.

Alas, if only Mr. Denver had let others do the flying.

Becky said...

Welcome to the US, kiddo. And you're not even getting the full wonder that winter in Chicago could offer. Enjoy Brazil, but watch your stuff, street crime there is through the roof.

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Becky, I can't say it's "great" to be here. I'm not sleeping much and working super hard. But I am having a really nice time. I'm learning tons in my training class and having 3 hours dinners each night with nice people. :-)

Minka said... of these days I'll get jealous. The day you need a secretary/carry-on/lap top holder person along your trips...consider that I just filed an application!

I Dive At Night said...

Minka, if I believed that for just a moment, I'd have already booked a ticket to Iceland for your interview. Alas.

irene said...

You sure don't live a dull live... Have fun in Brazil, keep out of the way of pickpockets, and come back save !

Doug said...

I've climbed Stone Mountain a few times. I wish I'd known you were going there, I could have had tour guides waiting. I mean, if I had any friends I could have.

I Dive At Night said...

Irene, dull? No. Tiring. Oh God Yes!

Doug, I have no doubt you have friends all over the WORLD! Hell, you can stay at my place in Holland any time... although after one week I would surely kick you out. Stone Mountain was fantastic, precisely because there there no plans and no guides. Just a walk through a forest. Overdue and much needed.