Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here We Go Again!

Life has felt like a crazy roller coaster lately. And many things coincided to make yesterday that wild part of the ride right when you're spinning upside down through some kind of corkscrew, travelling a hundred and ten, and screaming with pure joy and enthusiasm. Ah life. And ah roller coasters.

Work has been non-stop pressure lately, with training and travel thrown in just to make it all difficult. But the training made getting the work done possible, and the travel made the training possible. So it is what it is. But yesterday I finally reached a culmination and the work was presented... to about a half dozen of my "bosses". It was a high pressure moment that I got through nicely and that was a great feeling!

After a nasty welcome home (sneezes and floods) my home has forgiven me. It's treating me very well. The plants also seem happy I'm back. But do they know I'm leaving again? That by this time tomorrow I'll be on a twelve-hour flight? Hopefully that won't be like the part of the roller coaster where you plummet steeply, picking up speed and hurtling towards a rapidly approaching ground. More like those parts of the ride where you get into the car and buckle in, and then step out of the train and walk away. Hmm, yes.

Thankfully I've had a few moments to steal away from evenings of work and spend with my friend(s). It's been great. Like that part of the ride where you just keep going up and up and up and you wonder if you perhaps couldn't keep climbing forever.

So life's a roller coaster. Mine is kind of a Sandusky Ohio coaster... one of those that tries to out-coaster all the others and usually comes with a name like "The Mind Cruncher". Something that implies your brains will be scrambled by the sheer power of the ride. Okay fine.

Right now feels like that moment at the end... the the ride jerks to a halt, and the only thing going through your brain is," Wow!"


quilly said...

"Wow" is good. Just keep at least two wheels of the car on the tracks at all times -- oh, and try not to fall out.

I Dive At Night said...

Fall out? Quilly, I'm suddenly holding on very tightly. :-D (To whom is the question.)

Theresa said...

Hope you'll have time for a quieter ride soon, but in the meantime have a good trip. :)

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Theresa, but I've ridden this ride enough to know it has no stop and no quiet part. Just parts that are easier to find the joy in than others. :-)