Friday, February 22, 2008

This Isn't Brazil!

As I travelled to the airport this morning I thought," Each journey of a thousand miles begins...

...with a train ride." Little did I know it would be more than one. Instead of being on the plane I'm on a train to Rotterdam, to get a visa to enter Brazil. Who knew?!? Apparently this trip will require ~8 train rides before the plane.

Visa by Monday. *fingers crossed* Flying Tuesday. *probably* I get to spend a weekend at home (first in a while) and I still get my full week trip to Sao Paulo. :-)


quilly said...

Oh what fun. Pft.

How come someone in your office doesn't know these things? "Morgan, you're going to Brazil next Friday. Oh, btw, you'll need a visa."

I Dive At Night said...

Quilly, all good questions. And it will eventually be asked why I didn't check. My answer will be that we've been working with the travel people for 2 months on this effort... and getting straight into 28 other counties made me complacent.

J. D. said...

Good fellow. If it involves you...if it's your part of the job...YOU are the bottom line. But, if I were the "Travel Co-ordinator" I'd stay out of sight for a few days:-)