Monday, February 25, 2008

Not slowly, but smoothly?

When it just won't stop racing forward, the least you can hope for is that it goes smoothly. And plans for Brazil are indeed going smoothly. I parked my butt in the waiting room for the Brazilian Consulate this morning, as soon as they opened. One hour later, my Visa was ready!

I'm home now, and I'm finding packing very smooth given that I didn't really unpack. And this time my most cherished scuba gear is going with me as I'll have three days in country to plan some sort of weekend excursion.

This smoothness has been stolen from elsewhere. I finally got out with friends this weekend, but it felt rushed. My "love life" is in chaos. A plate spinning atop a stick. Certain to eventually go somewhere and uncertain to avoid the floor.

And speaking of plates and floors, I have a lack of plates and need to clean the floor before my house warming party. After weeks of postponing, trying to get my home just right (but not actually being home) I've simply decided to pick a date. So friends, you're welcome to drop by for a wine or beer on Saturday April 12th. (I originally posted the wrong date, but it's Twelve.) Now come the tasks of notifying everyone and finishing my home preparations. I want the dining room table to be covered in food and drinks; not a testament to my personal disorganization.

Okay, so it's not all smooth. And nothing is moving slowly. But it is all still moving! Not optional really. But good enough for now.

Check back soon for pics of my first trip south of the equator.


quilly said...

Gee, Morgan, I'm busy on April 19th. So sorry that I can't stop by -- but still I wish your home to be very warm and happy.

I Dive At Night said...

Thanks Quilly! That's okay, I understand you might not have the surrounding week free to travel.

Ironically, I think I need more male guests any way. Hmmm, perhaps I don't need a party at all!?!

J. D. said...

YA! would be good! I'll send your Dad. Maybe Quilly could send O.C. Theresa might send Jesus. Diesel and Joel might need a vacation about then. That would be a great bunch of intelligent, handsome men to keep the conversation flowing. Minka and Kryte know a lot of good looking fellows........There you go........PEOPLE! A party planners first priority is ticked off. (...and so, too, will be the ladies if you don't have lots of men there)

I Dive At Night said...

Mom, don't worry, the first two girls I invited got the wrong date. It's the 12th, not the 19th! Twelve.